Monday, May 23, 2016

Front Door Wreath Refashion

This tutorial involves absolutely no sewing. However, I made it and thought it was super cute, so I'm gonna show you how I did it. 
One of my favorite things to do is find things I have lying (laying?) around my house to use in my craft projects.  The only thing better than crafting is FREE-ish crafting! 

To make this wreath, you will need the following things: 
A frame. Any frame will work. You'll want something kind of big. Mine is a 16"x20". If you don't have a frame, you can grab a blank canvas (or an old painting you don't want anymore), like I did. 

Fake Flowers. I used an old bouquet and just ripped the tops of the flowers off. And BONUS: when I made the bouquet, the flowers came from the Dollar Tree. So even when I purchased the flowers, they were still cheap! 

Cardboard. You'll need this for the number or initial that you will be covering in flowers. I used an old Amazon box. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I have a ton of cardboard boxes. You could also probably use poster board or a shirt gift box. 

Acrylic Craft Paint and Brush. I picked a bright color, because my door is navy blue. If you want to leave it natural, that could be cute, too. 

Scissors, String, and a Hole Punch. 

The first thing I did was turn the canvas over and ripped off the cloth until I just had a frame. 

You could remove the staples and carefully remove the canvas slowly.
You could rip it off quickly as I did, like a rabid jackal...

What? I was excited to get this show on the road.

Once that is taken care of, grab your acrylic paint. If your brush is small enough, you can obviously just get the paint as you need it from the bottle. My brush was too big, so I had to use a paint palette. A butter bowl lid will work if you don't have a palette. 
Paint the frame. I slapped my paint on quickly, because I wanted my frame to look old-ish and distressed. I put mine on a  tote lid so it wouldn't get on my carpet.

While that's drying....

I grabbed my cardboard, and decided how big I wanted my number 5. Then I free-handed it on the cardboard and cut it out. 
I punched a hole in the top of the "5" for when I need to put the string in it to hang it from the frame. 

Next, pull the fake flowers off of their stems. There should be a teeny tiny nub on the back of them sticking out. Poke tiny holes in the cardboard and push the teeny tiny nubs in there. You can hot glue them on there to make sure they won't fall off. I didn't though. The sun shines directly on my front door and the heat melts the glue. So I just poked mine through and called it a day. 

This is what the back of mine looked like when I was done.

Now, I put the cord through the hole I punched earlier and tied it around the frame. 
Like this: 
And that's all folks! 

Look how awesome it looks against my blue door! 

I hung it on the door using a wreath hanger I got at the Dollar Tree.

I love how the distressed frame looks...

Thanks for reading! 
If you try this, I'd love to see the final product!
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