Monday, April 23, 2012

I Don't Mean To Brag...

I've been sewing for a few weeks now. I've mostly just tweeked clothing I already have, but I'm still counting it! ;) I've made some aprons, and I've also been working on a memory quilt made from my mom's clothes. I'll have pictures on that one in another blog. For now, though, I have pictures of some of the clothing that I've re-fashioned or made. (Sorry, I don't have before pictures. The idea to blog about this came after the projects were finished. =) In the future, I will take before and after shots.)

I'll start with my favorite! These were a pair of jeans! =) They had a hole in the knee and were one size too big. This was super easy to do. Here's an up-close view:

This dress was the best deal EVER. I bought it at walmart last fall for $5.00. It sat in my closet with the tags still on until now. The problem was that it had short sleeves and a crew neckline that had a big braid made from the same fabric around the neck. So basically I made it sleeveless and changed the neckline from a crew to a cowl. And when I did all of that, it shortened it to just the right length! Love it!

This shirt started out with a peasant neckline and short sleeves. It was an XL and was kinda big and blousy. So I turned it into a halter top! =)

And here they are! My Boxer shorts!!!! And it only took me 16 years and one (more)try! I'm so proud! And they have pockets! Yay Me!

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Thanks! =D

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