Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Woman's Trash Is This Gal's Treasure!

I can't believe it's almost been a year since I posted anything! About a month ago, I wanted to go shopping for a pretty dress to go with a pair of riding boots I got back in October for my birthday. (I've been hooked on the show Nashville and I love the style of the character and short flirty dresses) Except, I didn't really want to spend alot of money. Where did I go? Goodwill of course! I love love love that store. Especially my local goodwill. They have tons of clothes. And every week they have a sale where certain items are only $1. That's right. $1!!!! Sometimes I let myself splurge on the regularly priced $5 dresses. Especially if I love the fabric and have a vision of what the dress could be. I took my daughters with me (bad idea). They were NOT in the mood to stand around while I searched the dress racks for hours. But I did find a perfect dress for my boots that day. YAY! I altered that dress and I love it. I ended up getting a great response from alot of my facebook friends on my cute little dress and it sparked an obsession for refashioning more dresses.
 So I made a few more trips to goodwill.
 Lets just say, I'm gonna be wearing only dresses this summer. Now I wish the snow would stop and sunshine would start because I'm chomping at the bit to wear my "new" clothes.

Here they are:

Dress #1 (Where the obsession started)
This dress was $5 and 3 sizes too big.
Here's how I fixed it...
1) It came with a belt (but it also had those string belt loops...I cut those off)
2) It had an invisible side zipper and I really didn't want the headache of taking out and putting that back in, so I took it out and left it out.
3) I took it in evenly on each side.
4) I cut off the bottom to the length I wanted and hemmed it.
Now it's perfect! I just wish I had a brown cardigan so I could wear it right now!

Dress #2 :
I look like a school teacher from the olden days in the first picture. (yikes) But once I removed that awful collar and football shoulder pads most of the ugly was gone. After that I:
 1) removed the sleeves and sewed the edges on the armholes.
 2) Sewed the edges around the neck from when I removed the collar.
 3) Took up the shoulder seams a tad so the armholes weren't too big.
 4) Cut quite a bit of fabric from the bottom and hemmed.
And now I have a dress that I would totally wear out and feel good in.
This was a $5 splurge dress...I told you I had a vision ;D

Dress #3
I fell in love with this dress because of the retro look and the fabric is beautiful. But I don't do long sleeves on dresses. I just don't like the feel of it.
So I:
1) Removed the sleeves with a seam ripper and sewed the armholes.
2) Put 2 darts in the front to make it more fitted. You can't really see in the before picture, but there was a very thin belt...I got rid of that.
3) Shortened the dress and hemmed it.
and I was done! Now I have a cute "date night" dress.
This dress was $5.

Dress #4
When my boyfriend took the before picture, he said "How are you gonna make that dress look good?" To which I replied, "magic." lol
And to be honest, I didn't have to do much.
1) I removed the sleeves with a seam ripper and sewed the armholes. (Are you starting to see a pattern here? haha)
2) I cut a little off the bottom to shorten it. Then I hemmed it.
3) I made a belt from the fabric that was taken from the bottom. The dress was missing the original belt that was supposed to cover the elastic waistline.
The best part is, I already had jewelry to match this dress!
This dress was $5.

Dress #5
This dress was waaaay too big on me. My 10 year old said it looked like I could be pregnant with tripletts in this dress. The whole time I was fixing this dress, I referred to it as the "triplett dress".  I love the color.
1) I took the dress in evenly on both sides.
2) I brought up the shoulder seams because the armholes were much too big for me.
3) I shortened the dress and hemmed it.
4) I took leftover fabric from this dress and from dress #2 and made a cute fabric flower pin.
Best part...This dress was $1!!!!

Dress #6
I love gingham!  I remember women wearing dresses almost exactly like this in church back in the mid 90's. This dress was also too big for me. 
1) I took off the small collar that was on this. Then I sewed the seam.
2) I removed the sleeves and sewed the armholes.
3) I removed the 3 decorative buttons.
4) I shortened the dress and hemmed it.
5) I made a belt from the leftover fabric from the bottom and sewed it to the front of the dress. It ties in the back.
6) I made two strips and cinched the shoulder seams and tied the strips into knots.
Now it's a super cute summer dress. This dress was $5.

Dress #7
The fabric on this dress is so feminine and soft. The colors are pretty, too. Sage green with light blue, yellow, and peach flowers. The before picture looks like a nightgown. This one fit, but it was still too loose.
1) I shortened the dress first. Then hemmed it.
2) I removed the pockets and sewed up the seams. I'm not a fan of pockets in a dress...I think they are pointless and who needs the extra bulk on the thighs, right?
3) I removed the buttons. I had to get crafty on this part, because those buttons were functional and had buttonholes. I sewed the flap together.
Then (and this is my favorite part...)
4) I made a ruffle and sewed it over the flap of buttonholes.
5) I noticed that it was still too loose. It almost looked like a maternity dress. So I put in 2 darts under the bust and it was just right.
I also made the fabric flower in my hair. I used the leftover fabric from this dress and fabric from a vintage sheet I bought at a rummage sale over the summer.
This will totally be my favorite dress this summer. It is so comfortable! And it was only $1. =) 

So that's it for now. I went to goodwill this past Saturday and I have more dresses just waiting to be beautiful. =)  I will post more as I finish them.

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Thanks! =D

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