Thursday, June 12, 2014

Refashioning Winter Clothes Into Summer Clothes

 I'm saving a bunch of money this summer by refashioning alot of my cold weather clothes into summer clothes. 
I've turned some capri pants into shorts (which I will do a tutorial for sometime soon.) 
And now I'm changing some long sleeve shirts into summer tops.
Unfortunately, for this shirt, I was experimenting and forgot to take pictures of most of the sewing part. 
But I will do my best to explain....

 I started by cutting straight across at the bottom of the "v" in the v neck. I went all the way to the sleeve. 
Then I cut off the sleeves. 
Next I cut off the front portions of the shirt that were only attached to the back now.
 After this step, it looked like this:

 I took the sleeves that I cut off and cut up the seam and opened it up. 

          It looked like this:  


 To find the length that I needed for the straps, I tried on the top. 
I measured for width and length.  I also added about an inch (just to be safe) for seam allowances.

Here's the part I forgot to take pictures of : After measuring for length and width, I cut out strips to those measurements from the sleeves that I cut open. 
Next, I pinned a strip to the back of the shirt. (I pinned them with right sides together, so when its flipped back over, the right sides are showing.) 
Then I sewed a gathering stitch on the other end.  I pinned it to the front of the shirt.  I did this for both straps.  Then I tried on the shirt to make sure everything was how I wanted it.
I sewed the straps into place on the back and the front.
And lastly, I tried on the shirt inside out, and pinned the excess fabric up the sides to give the shirt a better "fit". 
 I carefully removed the shirt and sewed along the pins. 
I tried it on one more time just to make sure it was perfect! =)

Thanks for reading! =) 
And next time, I will try to remember to take tons of pictures! 

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