Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dolman Style Top From Knit Dress

This dress was so comfy. Too comfy. It felt like a nightgown. And it was too clingy for my taste. I've been trying to decide for a long time what I wanted to make from this dress.  I figured I would keep it a dress, just a different style. But I came across a tutorial on Pinterest that sparked my creativity.  A lady had made a dolman style top from a knit skirt.  Since I had a dress, I had to do my refashion slightly different.
First, I cut off the top at the underarm seams.
Next, I flipped the dress upside down. Now the bottom of the dress was the top of my shirt. My dress had long slits on each side. I put those over my shoulders (with the dress inside out) and safety pinned them together.

 Then I sewed them together. I turned the shirt right side out and tried it on.  I didn't like how high the neckline was, so I cut a new lower one. 

I also cut the bottom of the shirt a little shorter because it was too long.
I turned the shirt inside out again. I pinned the sides a little tighter and sewed those up. I decided the side seams needed to be ruched. 
 So I got a quarter inch elastic, a couple inches long, and sewed them to the inside side seam with a zig zag stitch. I pulled the elastic as I sewed.
This created the ruching.

I tried it on and LOVED it! I'm gonna wear it with a turquois tank top that I got at a yardsale for under a dollar. =) 
Oh! The tag in the dress said "New York and Company" and I got it for $1 at a thrift shop! =)

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Thanks! =D

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