Thursday, September 12, 2013

My New Pretty Purse

 My New Purse!

                                                      Where it all began....

I got these two fabric remnants at a thrift shop this past Friday. They were only 99 cents each!  Not sure what kind of fabric the one on the left is. Maybe some weird polyester blend or something. All I know is that it feels sorta like polyester, has a tiny bit of stretch to it, and when I tried to iron a small piece of it, it disintegrated. (OOPS!)
The fabric on the right, is black corduroy.  It came from Piece Goods.

 I used to love that store! My mom took me in there a few times when I was a kid.

I immediately went on a pinterest search for the perfect sewing project that I could make with my new fabric.

I decided to make a new purse. I've been using the same purse for 2 years now. I bought it at Gabes for $15 (I think) and it's held up great! And while I still love it. I'd like to change things up a bit this fall.  

I found the perfect tutorial from  Crafty Vegas Mom. You can find it here.

While I was cutting the fabric. My 6 year old daughter asked if she could have some of the flower fabric.  A few minutes after I handed it to her, this is what I saw....

She used it as a Yoga mat. lol  I believe she was in the middle of saying "Ohm" when I took this picture. hehe  She makes me laugh.

For the Bow on the front....I used this idea. Only, I made mine really big. I didn't measure anything. I just eye-balled it. (I tend to do that alot).  To attach it to the front, I took a needle and thread and tacked it on with 3 stitches going down each side and 2 stitches in the middle. 

And now I have an awesome new bag that only cost $2 !
Pretty right? =)

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Thanks! =D


  1. I love it!!!! I wish we live closer to each other :)

    1. Thanks Julie! =) I wish we lived closer too!