Monday, September 23, 2013

The Prettiest Way To Wear Sweats

Ahh, Sweats.  So soft, so comfy.  Totally unattractive.
Not anymore. I decided to transform this pair into a cute skirt! 
First, I cut off the sweats to a reasonable skirt length. Next, I grabbed my seam ripper and took out the seams of the crotch and legs.
It looked like this:
I turned the "skirt" inside out, and pinned up the seam to make it straight.
Then I sewed along those pins.

I did that to the front and the back.

Now, onto the ruffle.  I used the legs of the pants that I cut off.  I cut the cuffs off of the legs, and opened up the legs by cutting up the leg seam.

Next, I cut strips about 3"-4" wide from the legs.  I sewed them together to make one long strip.  Once I did that, I put a gathering stitch in the strip to make the ruffle. I did a gathering stitch by putting my thread ease on 9 and my stitch length on 5.

Then I attached the ruffle to the skirt. I did this by having the skirt right side out and pinning the ruffle on the outside of the skirt with the right sides of the ruffle and skirt together.
I sewed the ruffle on.

And this is what the comfy sweats look like now:

Pretty right?
Now it's possible to wear Sweats to the office. ;)

The new prettier way to wear sweats and a tee!  =)

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Thanks! =D

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  1. Hi Monica,

    That is a very pretty skirt. love to do something like that!