Thursday, July 25, 2013

80's Refashion

This dress looks white in pictures. It's not. It's more of a cream with a grid pattern. The lines in the grid are red and turquoise. It's very 80's. For some reason it reminds me of Contact Paper from the 80's, although I'm not even sure contact paper looked like that back then.  Looking at it now, it reminds me of paper towels. lol

I think this refashion was a personal best for me.  I finished in 2.5 hours. And everything went smoothly. Usually, I have to rethread my machine at least 5 times during a project and my bobbin almost never threads right the first time. But today, I had no problems at all. It was quite nice.

I had a bunch of things to do to this dress.
  • It was too big.
  • It had unattractive sleeves.
  • The neckline was too high. (I'm not a fan of peter pan-ish collars.)
  • It was too long.

The first thing I did (and always do) was remove the sleeves. I used my seamripper for that. 
I removed the collar and pinned down the neckline to a comfortable shape. Then I sewed the neckline. 
I cut the dress to a more flattering length.
I took in the dress. I did that by trying on the dress inside out and pinning the sides to fit me. Then I sewed along the pins.
I sewed the raw edges of the armholes. 
Then I hemmed the dress.
Once the dress was finished, I took leftover fabric from the bottom of the dress and made a belt.

I love the end result. =)  And as usual, this dress was only $1 from Goodwill.

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Thanks! =D

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