Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'll Wear Your Grandma's Clothes. I'll Look Incredible.

  About 2 years ago, I bought a gorgeous polka dot skirt for myself at a yardsale. It was 10 cents. It was a great deal as it was in perfect condition and my size. However, I never wore the skirt. It was a chiffon-y kind of fabric and the only tops I had to match it were knit. I just didn't feel like they would go with it.  One day, while refashioning other clothes, my youngest asked if I would make that skirt into a dress for her. I decided it needed something else with it in order to make a pretty dress so we headed off to Goodwill.  That's where I purchased a ladies yellow skirt (for $1). 
First, I reworked the yellow skirt for the dress and accented it with pieces from the polka dot skirt. It was pretty easy to do. I just had my daughter try on the skirt and pull it up under her arms. Then I pinned the dress on the sides to make it fit. It already had a button and zipper. Then I sewed up the sides where the pins were. I hemmed it to a length comfortable for her.
 I made the straps with leftover yellow fabric from the skirt and covered them with the polka dot fabric.  I sewed those on the top.  Then I made a belt with fabric from the polka dot skirt. I sewed the belt to the yellow skirt on each side so the dress wouldn't move around much while she played in it.
I LOVE how it turned out! My daughter wore this to the Mother's Day Tea at school and she looked so cute! (Of course, she looks cute no matter what she wears.) =)  This dress only cost $1.10. YAY!
PS- I also made that bow on her headband. ;)

I also made this dress. I used to same format. I thought it turned out pretty good.


The blue dress cost $2.

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Thanks! =D

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