Friday, July 26, 2013

Updated Sundress

When I saw this dress for the first time, I loved the fabric. It was knit, it was pink, and it was floral.  Super feminine.  The fit, however, was frumpy.  Comfortable, but frumpy.  The fabric screamed FLIRTY, but the style didn't.  So, I knew I had to change it.

I decided the best way to update this was to cut the top right off.  It was the best decision, because it brought the drop-waist up (which is way more flattering.) 
I chose to cut the fabric right above the second button.
I hemmed the raw edges around the top (without sewing the button flap shut...I may or may not have sewed it shut the first time. Thank God for seam rippers.)
I had to add darts to the bodice to make this dress more fitted. Without them, it looked like a maternity dress.
I also had to take the dress in a teensy bit around the underarms. It needed to fit snug with this new design and the original didn't require that.
Next, I shortened the dress. It hit mid calf and on my legs, and that's not a good look. So I cut it right at the knee and sewed a 1 inch hem.
Last came the straps. I used the fabric I took off from the bottom of the dress to make those. Once those were made, I sewed the straps to the dress. 

This dress took 3 hours to make. Now I have a cute, flirty, $1 summer dress!

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Thanks! =D

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