Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Most Special Refashion - My Mom's Dress

This is the most special refashion I've ever done. This dress once belonged to my mom, Penny.  As a child, my mom always wore dresses. She was a good Christian woman and we were always going to church, so she had tons of dresses and skirts.  When I was young (7 or 8), she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In my teens, the disease got bad and she was confined to a wheelchair.  Once I became an adult, she had to be put in a nursing home where she lived until she passed away in 2008.  When she died, she only had two dresses. Which is what makes this dress so special.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my mom wearing this dress. But here are some of my favorite pictures of my mom...

 The picture to the left is my mom with her mother, Opal at my mom's wedding in 1976. 
  This is my mom at my sisters wedding in 1997.   This is my mom and me in 1995 (don't judge my glasses...It was the 90's lol)
 This picture is my mom in the nursing home holding my daughter Vivian. Viv was just 6 months old when my mom died. This is my favorite picture ever.

My sister and I decided we would each take a dress and refashion them for us to wear.  There was a pink dress and a blue one.  After months of my sister and I being indecisive about which one of us was gonna take which dress, we finally  came to a decision yesterday and I went to work on the refashion. 
*For the record, we weren't arguing over who would get which dress...It's like we were afraid we would take the dress the other one wanted. Yeah, we're like that. lol

I was lucky this dress pretty much fit me already, so there wasn't a whole lot of work involved to make it work for me.
(However, there was alot of pressure on me not to mess up! And I mess up frequently, so this was nerve racking!) 

Here is what I did to rework this dress:

1) I took off the sleeves, then sewed the raw edges of the armholes under.

2) I shortened the dress ALOT. Then sewed the hem. 

3) From leftover fabric from the bottom of the dress, I made a belt. I did this by cutting a long wide strip of fabric and sewing it together inside out. I then turned the fabric strip right side out and sewed up the ends.

I absolutely LOVE the end result!  I think mom would be proud. =)

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Thanks! =D


  1. I see this post is almost a year old - but first, I LOVE your blog! I'm getting into re-fashioning myself :)
    Second - this post made me cry. I'm 34 and my mother is 63 however she was just diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer...which thankfully it was caught in time, but still terrifies me to think of what can happen...I don't know you but I love that pic of your mom and your daughter for you because we have yet to have children of our own (ifertility - we're doing IVF) and I can only hope and pray that we have a child before anything happens to my mother. It's actually her sewing machine that was passed down to me and so I'm finally learning to use it. :)

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I'm happy that your mom's cancer was caught early. I will keep you and her in my prayers. <3 That is wonderful that you are learning to sew with your mom's sewing machine! Thanks for reading my blog! =)

  2. That is a very very smart dress indeed. You have a flair for refashioning. You seem to know exactly what to change to suit you. I learnt the basics from my mother, and use her old and old fashioned machine till date.